We Never Went to the Moon 1st Edition | America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle! | by Bill Kaysing & Randy Reid | 1976 Eden Press

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We Never Went to the Moon 1st Edition by Bill Kaysing & Randy Reid, 1976, Eden Press Book Details:
- original first edition of the book that started the moon landing conspiracy theory of the 70s
- rare book
- self published by Kaysing, Reid
- 87 pages with soft yellow paper cover
- Copyright 1976, Eden Press, P.O. Box 8410, Fountain Valley, CA

 Condition: Poor to Fair
- 1st page has a clipped corner but no missing text
- shelf ware scuffs to soft outer cover with some small marks from pen, pencil, dampstained spot below word "America"
- bent edges on corners and back top corner has fold mark where it folded over once
- fraying edge to spine, two staples hold book cover to pages, staples are indented in and cover is torn slightly around staples at spine

10.75" H X 8.25" W X slightly under .25" H