Our Commitment to Sustainability

sustainable brown Kraft paper package tied with cotton string bow with dried lavender showing For the Love Of MCM Vintage business card

For the Love of MCM Vintage's Sustainability Commitment: 

  • Our shop has a focus on sustainability and minimizing our carbon footprint by offering vintage, reusing packing material and shipping boxes when possible.
  • Some items ship in EcoEnclose recycled plastic bags which have 2 strips of adhesive so the bag when opened gently along the dotted lines can be reused to ship a similar sized item in. These bags are made with 100% recycled content and 50% post consumer content and can be recycled in thin film plastic bins. They are made in the USA.
  • Items when possible are boutique wrapped in brown kraft paper tied with cotton twine and dried lavender in domestic US shipments. Please add a note if you do not wish for the item to be Kraft paper tied in order to save paper and material.  The paper is recyclable.
  • We encourage reuse of our plastic bags, cardboard boxes and other packing material.
  • To prevent damage from elements in shipping we do utilize an internal package plastic product as an added safeguard to ensure your item arrives to you just as it left the shop.
  • When possible we use items given to us to further prevent unnecessary waste.
  • Please keep children and animals away from string and plastic bags.