Vintage 1930s Steel Boned Peach Garter Straps Corset | Size XL

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- hook and eye front left side closure 
- two lined side panels to draw your form in 
- longer back to smooth lower 
- double crossed steel boning in the front panel and steel boning along the back panel 
- 4 adjustable garters  
- elastic upper v shaped back, front, side panels  

Closure - hook and eyes, lacing

Material: rayon, cotton batiste, elastic

Decade: Mid 1930s - Mid 1940s

Brand/Tags: No brand but marked Size 36, Rayon (prior to hand soaking, tag looked new

Condition: Good - 1 laced panel has 4 holes, back panel has one small hole, elastic straps and panels are stretched so it doesn't stay fully flat with a small snag to the front bottom elastic piece, light discoloration on panel, discoloration on inner panel where hooks are located, oxidation on areas of garters where metal sat without being adjusted for decades. Eventually white pieces that hook of garter hooks on will need replaced as they may not hold up with repeated use. This presents beautifully in person and on. Clean ready to wear.

Measurements: (taken flat and doubled when needed)
Waist - 31"-35" ) fully closed - lace panels fully let out)
Hips - 38" - 46" (fully closed - lace panels fully let out)
Front length where hooks - 7.5"
Front center length - 10"
Back length - 13.5"