Full Bison Buffalo Fur Hide Rug Wall Hanging

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Full Bison Buffalo Fur Hide Rug Wall Hanging Details:
- a genuine full buffalo fur hide
- can be used as a rug (though does have creasing) or can be hung on a wall or hung over a railing
- unsure of age when the hide was processed
- shown hanging in natural light in images against brick wall
- American buffalo

Condition: Very Good
- hide has some creasing as can be seen in image where hung over something, some small holes from processing near tail and other area, some small bare spots near center from skin imperfection on animal prior to processing, no shedding and heavy hide
- hide has some stiffness around edges
- smells like a fur pelt
- ready to hang

8' Diagonal shown in 1st image on white background

5' W (edge to edge and tail tip to front) X 6' - 6.5" long approximately