Vintage 1970s Size 6 Tall Lace Up Brown Leather Granny Boots | by Bort Carleton

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70s Vintage Tall Brown Lace Up Leather Stacked Heel Size 6 Granny Boot Details:
- genuine leather tall boot hits around the mid calf
- stacked leather and plastic heel capped with plastic
- laces first 6 eyelets than laces 13 hooks topped with one final eyelet- made in the USA by Bort Carleton marked - Best for either size 5.5 or 6 but please base off of purchase compared to similar boots that fit you well

Condition:  Very Good
- bottom heel cap has worn down on one side from original use
- inner footbed has discoloration so optionally could add a new sole or just wear socks as you would anyway
- side of stacked sole has extremely slight separation shown in image
- faint smell of mildew only if you put your face right up on them- one boot inner seam stitching has come undone but back center length leather behind this all still attached and keeps fully together, one small leather slit in back of one boot near heel, bottom sole thread worn off on front of soles
- minor scuffs, scratches, water marks to leather
- minor verdigris to eyelets and discoloration to some of the lace hooks

Inner footbed - 9.3125" tip of inner toe to back bottom of footbed
Widest part of ball of sole - 3.75" (keep in mind the actual leather inner footbed is more like 3.25" wide as the sole on each side comes out around .25" all the way around)
Heel height - 2.25" back middle height
Boot height - 15.5" (17.5" top of boot back to bottom heel)
Calf width - 14" with very top edges touching but adjustable with letting laces out

- Leather outer, stacked leather and plastic heal, leather sole