Vintage 1970s Green Rotary Corded Princess Phone Model 702B | by Western Electric

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Vintage 70s Green Rotary Princess Phone Model 702B Details:
- stamped December 11, 1972 on base and fully untested
- European phone jack with American phone jack converter as was purchased when family lived abroad in military
- full rotary number plate
- soft/loud ring settin
- rubber bottom to prevent from slipping

Material: plastic, metal

Decade: 1970s

Brands/Tags: Western Electric, Bell System

Condition: Very good
- Discoloration to plastic hand receiver as well as base
- many markings on cords
- cords are a bluer color than the sea foam green base
- phone number still on rotary I couldn't figure out how to get it out


8.5" L X 3.5" D X 4" H