Vintage 1970s Full Size Plastic Plant Terrarium

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Vintage 70s Full Size Plastic Plant Terrarium Details: 
- clear plastic top includes bottom section, top section with closable top vent
- cream plastic base is tulip style in 2 pieces that connect with a bolt and nut
- vent top has 3 vents that slides open and closed
- bottom of clear plastic piece is flat so can be pulled out to set on table
- this will ship unassembled but nut just needs to be screwed onto bolt
- shown in studio light and natural light to make scuffs, clouding and yellowing show up

Decade: 1970s

Condition: Very good
- clear plastic has some clouding, yellowing, scuffs and scratches so please use see detailed images
-  bottom cream pieces have minor scuffs, scratches and a few areas that look whiter but all blends well
- bottom clear piece has some lines and discoloration from dirt sitting in it for so long
- bottom metal where the legs hook into metal plate on bottom tier has rust as can be seen in images
- bottom edges aluminum trim was rolled in slightly in some places and one section was pulled back out but lightly damaged the underside of the formica bottom shown in images
- aluminum trim has some small gauges and dings
- Overall this looks great in person but be sure to ask for more images or more details if any questions

Overall Height - 36
Width - 20"
Base - 20" high"

This large piece is considered furniture and is not returnable.