Vintage 1970s Baby Jesus Three Kings Framed Embroidered 8X10 Pictures Set | by National Paragon Corp

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Vintage 70s Baby Jesus Three Kings Framed Embroidered 8X10 Pictures Set Details:
- set includes 2 framed hand embroidered off of National Paragon Corp pattern
- set is marked on back of one image behind frame backing and taped on cardboard to hold it in place
- frames are metal with slide backs, painted black and painted with a gold trim
- one picture features the sweet baby Jesus in the manger surrounded by animals with the star glowing above him, the other is of the 3 kings presenting their gifts
- each have pull out to stand up though Jesus one pullout doesn't hold well due to damage to cardboard and would be best placed on a stand

Material: metal and glass frame with cardboard backing, linen fabric with black embroidery

Decade: 1970s

Brands/Tags: 56, 1976, National Paragon Corp.

Condition: Very good - each metal frame has slight oxidation and pitting, issue with back of Jesus cardboard backing where it has damage (i did attempt to glue after images but will still likely need to be displayed as in last image on a stand or new backing), tape holding fabric in place has lost adhesive so if back is pulled off again would need retaped but fine as currently is, original holiday tags still on back where these were gifted after embroidered and framed in the 70s which could be pulled off if you want)

Measurements: each frame measures slightly over 8" X 10" with one horizontal and one vertical