Vintage 1960s Brown Leather 4 Piece Wallet, Keys, Lighter, Case Matching Set | by Lady Buxton

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60s Vintage Brown Leather 4 Piece Wallet, Keys, Lighter and Cigarette Case Set Details:
- clutch wallet with one snap side, divided coin twist latch center, original ID card
- one side of wallet has a ID card slots as well as a 2 flat openings that could hold bills
- key-tainer has side slide button and 4 hooks for keys along with original paperwork
- lighter does not contain lighter fluid and is untested
- cigarette case opens with side push button, top flips up, inside has small flip down shelf so you can stagger the rows of cigarettes

Condition:  Very Good
-  small scuff on front of wallet along with minor leather cracks in top surface, inner fuzzy lining of key-tainer has split at center where opens and closes, as previously noted the lighter is untested, contains no lighter fluid and unsure if would work, small scuffs on cigarette leather and all metal trims to pieces
- leather was polished after images so scratch on front blends well, green button verdigris was also cleaned after images

Cigarette Case: 3.75” H x 2.4” W X 1.1” D
Wallet: Right under 7.25" L X 3.4" H X .75" D
Lighter: 1.5" W X 1.9" H
Keytainer: 2.2" L X 3.25" H X .5" D

- genuine leather outer casing and outer wallet with natural fiber inset likely jute, metal and inner wallet synthetic lining