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Vintage 50s Novelty Print Blue Gold Persian Novelty Print Duster Jacket Details:
- satin acetate with a metallic gold print featuring Persian or possibly Asian scenes with man on horse and another with man in garden in traditional style clothing
- large V shape hip pockets trimmed with same mandarin collar gold piping
-  5 gold metal buttons
- short sleeves trimmed in same gold piping
- shoulder darts that tailor in the shoulder bust area but allow for full tent swing of jacket shape
- A line tent shape that is meant to fall in and be fully loose
- could be worn at home as intended or as an evening jacket
- shown in lie flat image in natural light
- best fit for size medium up to a smaller large but please base purchase off of similar garment

Decade: 1950s

Material: 100% acetate

Brand/label/care:  You're a Vision in Dream Wear Lingerie Inc., Acetate Duster, Lot Size 16(must smaller than modern 16 so please base purchase off of actual measurements)

Condition: Very Good 
- small discoloration pointed to in image and slight discoloration on fold line pointed to in image
- gold tie has some pull to it where it was tied for so many decades
- a few small picks and upper back gold print looks slightly faded compared to rest
- fold marks so will need a proper pressing after shipment
- no odors but could use a dry clean to straighten the acetate  ( i held off on submerging in water due to risk of gold print fading)

Measurements: (taken flat and doubled when needed)
Bust - 45" 
Waist - 51”
Hips -35"
Length - 44.5”
Sweep - 70” 
Shoulder - 16"
Sleeve - 10"
Bicep - 15" tight