Vintage 1950s Brass 6 Petal Flower Party Ashtray

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Vintage 1950s Into 60s Brass 6 Petal Removable Flower Party Ashtray  Details:
- 6 brass metal petals that sit in main brass floral piece, curved leaves and stem stand
- petals can be placed outward or turned inward like a lotus flower 
- a lighter can sit in the center of the flower stamens
- perfect for a party setting or decorative on a credenza or table

 Condition: Very Good
- light scuffs and as mentioned above I was unable to fit the full size petals unless they were all turned in like a lotus
- no brand markings, base that petals sit in unscrews if needed to clean

Measurements each:
5.25" H to top of petals X 7.5" W at stem to outer edge of stems