Vintage 1940s Gray Chrysanthemum Peonies Bark Cloth Curtain Set | 74" L X 33" W Each

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Vintage 40s Gray Chrysanthemum Peonies Bark Cloth Curtain Set Details:
- set of 2 curtain panels
- light gray background with greens, pinks, yellows with foliage 
- looks handmade with option of two areas to hang including the top opening shown in images or a separate opening down approximately 5 inches from bottom of top opening
- seamstress matched the fabric wonderfully when adding the lower hanging opening

Material: cotton bark cloth

Condition: very good
- color is still vibrant
- light discoloration on bottom side section of one panel shown in images
- small frays and holes where a metal curtain rod was pushed through and snagged the fabric on lower opening (please see all images) but this does not detract at all and gets lost as they aren't large 
- seamstress left selvage edge on both panels which reads "guaranteed to be vat prints"
- clean, ready to put up but will need pressed again after shipping

Each panel is 74" long X 33" W