Vintage 1930s Black Velvet Witchy Hooded Opera Cloak | XS Small

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πŸ’— Vintage 30s Black Velvet Full Length Opera Cloak : πŸ’—

- witchy hood
- large peaked shoulders obtained with wool padding
- synthetic lining backed by wool lining
- one button closure at top of neck
- best for XS or small due to size of neck opening and meant to stay somewhat closed when wore so narrow with arms fully inside
- no opening for hands as meant for colder weather

Very good condition - one mend near bottom hem shown in images, two small holes shown in images, three repairs to seams that had come undone, velvet isn't flattened but has some slightly lower spots. Presents incredibly in person. Has not been cleaned but has no odors.

Bust - 44”
Waist - 50"
Hips - 52”
Shoulders - 16” (this is outer edge as peaked areas meant to sit on top of shoulders
Length - 55” (top shoulder to bottom hem)
Sweep - 59" (with bottom pulled fully closed)

Material: velvet is silk/rayon blend I believe, lining is synthetic with wool inner lining

Decade: 1930s into early 40s

Brand/Tags: no brand or labels, possibly made by a home seamstress