Antique 1800s Red Washed Wood Voting Ballot Box | Lawrence County Ohio

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Antique Later 1800s Red Washed Wood Voting Ballot Box Details:
- likely dates to the later part of the 1800s or first decade of 1900s
- made of wood with metal hinges and hinged latch to secure with lock
- wood has a great red faded patina with stenciled white letters 
- states "Ballot Box" and "Property of Board of Elections Lawrence, Co., Ohio"
- slit at top for placing voting ballots

 Condition: Good
- functions as a box still with the latch fully closing so a lock still could be added
- much wear to this one with some small chunks of wood missing, much oxidation on metal, wear to original red paint and white stenciling 
- metal latch is bent outward but still fully closes
- splits to the top lid with some bowing as seen in images
- has been wiped down with a damp cloth but any further optional restoration will be left up to the new owner

Measurements each:
21.5" H  X 10.5" W approximately