Antique 16th - 18th Century English Oak Plank Coffer Storage Trunk Chest

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Antique 16th - 18th Century English Oak Plank Coffer Storage Trunk Chest Details: 
- main body is wood planks of oak with hand forged iron nails
- candle box inside with many marks for trimming wicks 
- original iron strap hinges
- original lock mechanism is gone and long ago the area where it was was replaced with wood
- this trunk has been patched many times over the centuries to keep it useful so please see condition section where the specifics are listed
- this could fall anywhere from the 16th century into the 18th century to the best of my knowledge comparing shapes of other coffers along with iron straps and nails
- inside was painted green/brown paper at some point and another time covered in 1853 London newspaper at top lid (possibly prior to a person or family immigrating to the United States
- shipping not included in price (please see shipping section)
- likely used in a domestic house for a storage chest, table, bench or other various items
- would make a great storage coffee table

Condition: Fair
- please review all images in detail as I utilize a high resolution camera in order to show great detail so you know exactly what you are purchasing 
- fully functional but has multiple splits to original planks of wood and many repairs along the way
- at some point a long time ago someone added on lower side wood to the lid to hold the split wood together (likely 20th century due to type of screws) but these pieces aren't held tightly with screws sticking out some
- someone added a small piece of wood block under the candle box in recent years or maybe to hold split side together more seems someone tried to glue once which ran in candle drawer
- bottom inner boards are in 3 pieces and have been recently screwed down due to warping
- one iron strap hinge has a small buckle in it and some oxidation
-  at some point long ago it looks like there could have been damage to back center board from insects which could have been why it split
- looks like someone added a stain or finish over it as it looks over the hinges as well
- Overall gorgeous in person but be sure to ask for more images or more details if any questions

Length top- 45.5" X 15.5"
Main box body - 42.5" X 14.5"
Height - 21"

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