Vintage 1960s Turquoise Blue Neck Scarf Deep Crown Straw Sun Hat

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Vintage 60s Turquoise Blue Neck Scarf Deep Crown Straw Sun Hat Details:
- straw hat features a deep crown,  dippled top, and nice brim for keeping sun off face
- scarf fits through two grommets on hat so can be switched out 
- scarf can be tied at back of neck or front 
- straw is a firmer straw

Closure: ties on with attached scarf

Material: straw and polyester cloth

Decade: 1960s

Brands/tags: Mexico stamp inner crown

Condition: Very good
- discoloration on scarf but likely would come out with a quick spot treatment and wash
- Presents beautifully in person

Crown depth - 5.25" approximately
Circumference - 21"   measured at scarf grommets
13" side to side X 14" front to back