Vintage 1950s Copper Clamper Bracelet | by Renoir

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Vintage 50s Copper Clamper Renior Bracelet Details:
- hard to find design - similar to a Renior copper cinch belt that added a wasp look to the waist
- hinged back
- bold wide design
- three lines of copper on each side that widens towards the front before nipping in at the center
- anodizing between layers to add depth

Closure - opens on the top and clamps back together with the spring hinge on the bottom back

Material: copper

Decade: 1950s-1960s

Brand/Tags: - signed (c) Renoir dating it from '54-'64

Condition: Very Good - some small scratches and scuffs to copper, light texturing and tarnishing to inner bracelet metal, hinge is tight

1.6" at widest point of front and tapers to .75" at the back hinge
inner circumference slightly over 6" but is fits multiple sizes because of the hinge