Vintage 1940s Peep Toe Oxford Heel with Black Suede Satin Trim

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Vintage 40s Black Suede Oxford Heel Details:

- zig zag satin stripe across the top and a pointed tongue end
- two lace eyes on each side
- v shaped peep toe that mimics the pointed end of the tongue
- marked a size 6 1/2 AA and were sold at Joseph Horne Co. in Pittsburg, PA

9.25" length
Width - 3"
Heel height - 2.25"

Condition: very good - a few minor scuffs to the suede. The bronze satin ribbon has green discoloration to areas of it.
The bottom is stamped "reject" from the factory due to a small area along the piping of the shoe where it was cut around 1/8" too short but was sewn closed to be sold.

****Shoe length measured on interior of shoe and width measurement taken at widest point of ball of foot exterior.