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Vintage 40s Child's Halloween Costume Small Details:

- Childs Halloween costume
- striped pajamas turned into Native American costume by a mother
- originally Sears, Roebuck Co. pajamas.
- dyed fabric a brown color
- natural fiber fringe added to the sleeve cuffs and along the length of the pajamas
- a 1940s railroad pattern tie added to the waistband as a decorative belt
- child in picture is 8 years old for reference to size.

Brand/labels: marked a size small, Sears, Roebuck Co, pants have a size or lot tag worn and unreadable as well as a U.S. Patent number label marked 2343374 from 1944 for the elastic waistband

Chest - 24"
Bottom hem - 26"
Length - 17"

Waist - 23"
Inseam - 20.5"
Length - 31"

Condition: good - There are multiple stains throughout the shirt. There is one hole in the shirt and multiple holes on the back lower area of the pants. The maker of the costume took a sewing machine and patched in holes by running the seams across the holes. There are multiple places like this. This smells dusty. I did not launder for fear of color dye run. It possibly could be dry cleaned.