Antique 1910s Black Silk Satin High Heels | by Laird Schober

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Antique Teens Black Satin High Heel Details:
- black silk satin with a leather interior
- made by a high end shoe company called Laird and Schober 
- likely from the mid 1910s but could fall anywhere from 1910-1920
- cross straps that have two glass or shell buttons in a shiny gray
- sold at J.C. Hart Company in Indianapolis, Indiana
- probably equivalent to a 6.5 but please base off of measurements

Decade: 1910s

Material: silk satin, leather

Length - 10" edge of back heel to edge of front shoe tip
Width at ball of foot - 2 5/8"
Heel height - 2.5"
****Shoe length measured on interior of shoe and width measurement taken at widest point of ball of foot exterior.

Condition: very good. They have average wear to the sole. They have multiple picks to the top satin where shoe buckles or shoe clips were once worn. One shoe has a 1/4" split at the very back top heel of the satin. The leather insole is flaking. These are fragile as they are satin and should only be worn with the greatest of care. I can not guarantee they will not deteriorate extremely quickly. The silk is not shattered anywhere but of course is 100 years old. Wear at own risk.