Antique 1800s Pull Over Shirt | Medium - Large

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Antique 1800s Pull Over Western Medium to Large Shirt Details:
- square design
- white cotton with faded brown vertical print
- front chevron placket topped with button hole at front and double on back for a detached collar possibly
- hand stitched button holes
- glass buttons on back
- sold AS IS due to having so many repairs (see Condition Section)
- front fabric falls under front placket creating a natural center front bottom pleat
- sleeve cuffs need links to close
- if fabric falls under front placket, fits like a Medium - Large to the best of my knowledge but please ensure you are familiar with antique shirt fits
- My husband put it on and generally wears a medium to large but the fit seemed to be for a broader shouldered taller guy that was thin

Material: cotton

Decade: not positive on exact decade but I do believe it is prior to 1900

Brand/Tags: no tag or labels but is machine made

Condition: Very good as a result of 15 or so patch repairs and seam repairs, but I would recommend this be for a pattern or collection as opposed to wear.   Some yellowing at top of shoulders/chest area from perspiration which likely is the cause for the weakened fibers there, a couple of small stains shown in images, top of collar is fraying, hole above neck buttonhole.  Patches were completed utilizing mercerized cotton thread and antique quilt backing which looked quite similar to the weave of the shirt fabric.  Clean, no odors.

Measurements: (taken flat and doubled when needed)
Chest - 48” with fabric pulled out from under placket, 42" with fabric folded in as shown in images
Bottom of front with front bodice pulled with seams touching - 38”
Bicep - 16”
Shoulders - 21”
Sleeve - 20”
Length top back shoulder to bottom hem - 31”
Collar edge to edge - 15.5"