Vintage 1970s Size 6B Brown Leather Tall Campus Boots | by Frye

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70s Vintage Tall Brown Leather Stacked Heel Size 6B Campus Boot Details:
- genuine leather tall boot hits around the mid calf
- stacked leather and plastic heel cap
- inner canvas boot pulls to pull boots on
- absolutely classic boots made famous in late 60s/early 70s by Frye and these are black label prior to '79
-  original box available but please let me know before purchase if you want this included as it will make the shipping cost go up and will need adjusted prior to purchase
- Best for either size 5.5 or 6 but please base off of purchase compared to similar boots that fit you well

Condition:  Good
- bottom heel cap has worn down on one side from original use
- creasing in leather from wear but leather is nice and supple
- side of stacked soles has extremely slight separation shown in image on both sides but bottom seams still in place (listed as good as this could optionally be repaired but find to wear as is)
- extremely faint smell of mildew only if you put your face right up on them
- one small cut in leather back above heel, one tiny one on side of a boot
- minor scuffs, scratches and wear to soles along with light cracking as the sole moves into the curve
- inner leather patch below calf area has torn on one boot but doesn't detract from wearing

Inner footbed - 9 3/8" tip of inner toe to back bottom of footbed
Widest part of ball of sole - 3 5/8" (keep in mind the actual leather inner footbed is more like 3.2" wide as the sole on each side comes out around .2" all the way around)
Heel height - right under 2" as plastic heel cap has worn down slightly
Boot height - 15" (17" top of boot back to bottom heel)
Calf width - 14" top of opening

- Leather outer, stacked leather and plastic heal cap, leather sole